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Keep an eye on icicles, they may look pretty but they can cause major damage to your gutters, roof line and even cause water to back up into your home. Checking the roof throughout the winter, and pulling snow off the edges will help to eliminate the chance of an ice dam building up.
Property Restoration

Pro-Tech Property Services of Southeast Michigan offers reliable property restoration services in Detroit and the surrounding areas. We specifically handle all residential and commercial property repairs and renovations for home owners, business owners and real estate agents. We take all properties that have been damaged by fire, flood, vandalism or weather and restore it to a safe and sound livable state. We do this by handling all projects from the securing of the property, cleaning, the clean-out and the repairs themselves.

Our highly qualified staff will work with you to ensure property repairs are brought up to code and completed to standards well above your expectations. After all, the only thing left when the dust settles is the quality in the work and we strive to provide excellent quality and service to all jobs no matter how big or how small.

Pro-Tech Property Services guarantees that all projects are overseen by our Field Director who will handle all aspects of the job as well as working with you, your insurance company and a designer if need be.

Pro-Tech Property Services of Southeast Michigan is a family owned business that is fully licensed and insured. Our staff is committed to making this time for you as easy as possible by working directly with your insurance company to ensure the best possible repairs are made to re-construct your home or business. Please contact us at 248-344-1540 today to schedule an estimate!